Beautiful, Loved and Blessed

I have a mother that loves me, a dog that worships me, food in my belly, a roof over and a pillow under my head. I have my health, I have strength and will and determination and a family I know I can trust to rely on, my nearest and dearest to lean on, whose wisdom I can draw strength and patience from when times are hard and my faith in myself fails me. I have an education and more privileges in life than many. Men will come and go, as will money and New Years eves. I am blessed to have been leant a few sympathetic ears, shoulders to cry on, and friends to share heartfelt smiles and laughter with, my joys as well as my sorrows. For everything I have yet to accomplish, for all my hearts' sincerest hopes, dreams and desires, for all goals and ambitions I was unable to achieve, the world doesn't stop here. There's always, always next year.

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