The Baby Stork Is Visiting

I'm expecting a baby in a few weeks time.
Come on, help me say it. All together now, loud and proud:


Aren't pugs the most adorable thing ever?

So I've been straining my brain trying to come up with a name. I thought of "Pugsley Addams", as in the boy in The Addams Family. Still, doesn't feel creative or unique enough. Help please, I'm looking for something original! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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Purgatory said...

You want that after your last experience :P?

Rock A Bye said...

my last experience was with an 8 year old spoilt brat poodle who was basically joined to his mom at the hip. doesnt count. pugs are never aggressive or possessive like those little shitster poodles, i hope :P

Purgatory said...

OK, here is something else



Dotsson said...

UNCLE LESTER!!!! UNCLE LESTER!!! He's my favorite character!!!

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